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Burn Notice Alliance

1 Year - $5,000 $1,997

Burn Notice Platinum

3 Years - $15,000 $2,995

Leverage the same exact 3 pm “Burn Notice” secret Jeff used to grow his hedge fund from $5.1 million into $700 million with ZERO losing quarters!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Access to Today When You Join Burn Notice Alliance:

  • Access To My Hedge-Fund-Grade Burn Notice Screener - You will get your private login to access my Burn Notice Screener and a full tutorial on leveraging it yourself.

  • Daily Burn Notice Alerts - You’ll get an alert (via SMS and Email) every day the markets are open, where I guarantee at least four “Burn Notices” a week… that’s 200 trades minimum with the opportunity to see 20-30% overnight gains over the next 12 months.

  • Access to the Burn Notice Field Manual - This is my comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your very first trade.

  • Access to my Monthly Live Burn Notice Trading Sessions - Once a month, I will host a live webinar to answer any questions you have about recent Burn Notices, the market, or anything trading-related. This is your opportunity to have a face-to-face with me, someone who knows exactly how Wall Street’s money game is played.

  • Access to How to Trade Simple Options Like a Hedge Fund Veteran - access to my 7-day in-depth video masterclass on how to leverage options to supercharge your Burn Notice trades… while simultaneously controlling your risk.

  • Exclusive 24/7 Website Access: When you join, you’ll receive an exclusive login and password for our website… where you can access every training, every Burn Notice Alert, the entire model portfolio, and more. Anytime you want to access it, it’s yours….

  • 24/7 Access To U.S. Based Customer Care Team: If you have any questions about logging into your member’s area or anything related to Burn Notice Alerts, simply call our US-based customer care team, and they will gladly walk you through everything you need.




(Value $15,000 | Today - Just $2,995)

In Addition To Everything You’ll Get In Burn Notice, Here Are 6 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES You’ll Unlock Today With BNA PLATINUM:

Jeff’s Top Monthly Calendar Stock

Get exclusive access to Jeff's top trade pick for the month, delivered straight to your inbox every month!

The “Calendar Stocks” Blueprint

A concise guide on leveraging institutional money flows. Discover Jeff's strategies for piggybacking on Wall Street's moves for smarter trading decisions.

Monthly Money Flows Crash Course Video Series

Upgrade your trading skills with this engaging video series, offering a comprehensive crash course in understanding and utilizing money flows.

Options 101 Crash Course

Uncover the fundamentals of options trading with Jeff’s easy-to-follow blueprint. Learn how to set up a trading account and use options as leverage for potential market-crushing gains.

The AI Cash Surge Report

Discover a promising options-based ETF in this detailed report, including strategies you could potentially use to generate monthly income.

7 Stocks Now Tapping Into The $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution

This exclusive report reveals 7 hidden gems driving the multi-trillion dollar AI revolution. Be the first to learn about these high-potential opportunities, including cutting-edge AI disruptors and tech innovators.


Jeff’s 7 Deadly Sins of Options Trading eBook

Unlock the secrets of options trading success with 'The 7 Deadly Sins of Options Trading' eBook!

Inside, you’ll get a direct brain-download of Jeff’s most valuable trading insights!

Jeff spent years earning this wisdom through extensive experience on Wall Street and at his former hedge fund.

This enlightening eBook demystifies options trading, addresses common emotional & psychological traps traders fall into, and can help give your trading skills a huge upgrade.

By following Jeff's guide, you’ll have a roadmap to cultivating a winning mindset and disciplined approach: the keys to longevity and prosperity in options trading.

PLUS, Your Membership Is 100% Backed By Jeff Zananiri’s “100% Confidence” Guarantee

As an exclusive member of Burn Notice Alliance, you’re entitled to a 12- Month Window to look under the hood, kick the tires, and leverage Jeff’s screener and “Burn Notice” setups to help you shift your trading results into overdrive. However, if you find yourself anything less than 100% satisfied, simply call our friendly US-based customer care team within your first 12 months… and we will happily give you a FULL credit refund for the total amount you pay today, which you can put toward any other services that we offer.

Questions about whether the Burn Notice Alliance is right for you?

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Here’s the deal…

At the end of the day, the market is anything but random.

Price is designed to move in specific ways to fake out the retail traders looking to make a buck…

And the main culprit of that blue print is Wall Street.

As Jeff mentioned, these guys hate you and have designed the markets in a way for you to lose…

So they can profit off your eagerness as a trader.

However, with Jeff’s public release of this explosive 3pm trigger…

The enigma of trading the markets has become more clear than ever before.

Yet, while some may choose to ignore this seismic unveiling…

And find themselves suffering immense losses from Wall Street's rigged game…

The select few who receive access to Burn Notice Alliance

Will not only hold a unique “unfair” edge compared to the majority of retail traders…

But they’ll have a trading edge backed by speed, accuracy, decisiveness, and clarity.

So with that said, if you’ve found yourself coming up short within your own trading…

This ONE decision of claiming exclusive access to Jeff Zananiri’s Burn Notice Alliance could be the most important financial decision of your trading career…

But you must act now.

Word of Jeff’s rogue revealing is out…

And once the Wall Street puppeteers catch wind of this…

They’ll do anything to take this training off the internet.

That’s why it’s crucial to secure one of these spots before it’s too late.

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